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ACC Member Anniversaries

Without its members, the ACC's mission to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health isn't possible. Here, we honor those who, through their long tenure, have helped make the College a stronger organization – and one more capable of supporting and advocating for all cardiovascular professionals. Join us in celebrating the following members who are marking an anniversary this month.*

30 Years

  • Thomas A. Haffey, DO, FACC

    20 Years

  • Paul C. Guichard, DO, FACC
  • Stephen M. Meyers, MD, FACC
  • Jack V. Pinto, MD, FACC
  • Brian P. Schwartz, MD, FACC
  • Inderpal Singh, MBBS, FACC

    10 Years

  • Cathy L Aaron, PA-C
  • Dilachew Achiko Adebo, MD, FACC
  • Panayiotis Avraamides, MD, FACC
  • Snehal H. Bhatt, PharmD, AACC
  • Mary Beth Bobek, PharmD, AACC
  • Heather L. Cunningham, PA-C
  • Devang Dave, MD, FACC
  • Jamie J. Doucet, MD, FACC
  • Mark Fasulo, Jr., MD, FACC
  • Michael S. Fraietta
  • Meir Friedman, MD, FACC
  • Philip Fuller, PA-C
  • Dacia R. Gerst, NP, AACC
  • Ambarish Gopal, MBBS, FACC
  • Andre Luiz Martins Guedes, MD
  • Ignacio Gabino Guzman, Sr., MD
  • Robert Hevia, NP
  • Daniel Earl Hilleman, PharmD
  • Kyla M. Holcomb, NP
  • Peter Anthony Jannelli
  • Samuel Joffe, MD, FACC
  • William T. Katsiyiannis, MD, FACC
  • Martina Kelly Speight, NP
  • Kena J. Lanham, PharmD
  • Connie Lewis, NP
  • Cathi A. Mabon, NP
  • Irene R. Marker, NP, AACC
  • Kwabena Mawulawde, MD, FACC
  • Mohd Rafizi Mohamed Rus, IV, MBBS, MMed, FACC
  • Heather K. Moorehead, ACNP-BC, RN
  • Md Zamri B.A. Rahman, MD
  • Melissa Reeves
  • Lisa A. Robinson, NP
  • Michelle C. Saltsburg, NP, AACC
  • Kamaraj Selvaraj, MBBS
  • Shinichi Shirai, MD
  • Marco A. Teixeira, MD
  • Laura A. Thompson, RN
  • Phillip A. Weeks, PharmD, AACC
  • Sarah S. West, NP
  • Marla Ann J. Whatmough, RN
  • *The list above chronicles ACC member anniversaries for March 2021.