Each fall the Nominating Committee solicits applications for open positions to over 90 committees across the College. ACC's governance process emphasizes specific competencies needed on a committee at a given point in time. This will vary, based on current ACC activities, skill sets possessed by current committee members, and needed skills/competencies related to rotation of members.

Diversity and Inclusion are essential to ACC's Mission and Vision in addition to its core values, all patients, and strategic business goals as a profession and as a professional society. The Nominating Committee strongly encourages applicants from a diversity of backgrounds, cultures, specialties, practice settings, and career stages. As we seek to build and foster an ongoing pipeline of diverse leaders with a diverse set of competencies, participation in the committee nomination process is crucial.

Accessing the Nominations Portal

Members interested in a committee position are encouraged to apply, or nominate a colleague, using the online application system, https://nominations.acc.org. You cannot apply for a committee directly from acc.org. The Nominations Portal is housed on a secondary system; however, we utilize the same username/password associated with your acc.org account. Google Chrome works best when using the system. We, therefore, encourage members to use Google Chrome as the web browser when utilizing the portal. Please see the following documents as a guide for submitting a successful application.

Committee Governance

All committee members are expected to contribute to Governance best-practices by adhering to policies and principles as approved by the Board of Trustees, including but not limited to, the Code of Ethics, Diversity & Inclusion Principles, Clinician Well-being, Harassment, and Code of Professionalism in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. The following Governance approved materials are available for your reference.

Nominating Committee Structure

  • The ACC Nominating Committee consists of a Chair and at 6 voting members.
  • The College's Immediate Past President serves as the Committee Chair. The Chair will serve one, non-renewable, one-year term.
  • Committee members serve one-year terms, with the opportunity for reappointment, for a maximum of three years.
  • The College's current President serves as a non-voting ex-officio member.
  • The Governance Committee recommends the six voting members, who are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.
  • 2023-2024 ACC Nominating Committee:
    • Edward T. A. Fry, MD, MACC (Chair)
    • Biykem Bozkurt, MD, PhD, FACC
    • Paul L. Douglass, MD, MACC
    • Sandra J. Lewis, MD, FACC
    • Thomas M. Maddox, MD, MSc, FACC
    • Andrew P. Miller, MD, FACC
    • Pamela Bowe Morris, MD, FACC
    • Hani K. Najm, MD, MSc, FACC
    • Andrea L. Price, CPHQ, RCIS, AACC
    • B. Hadley Wilson, MD, FACC (Non-voting Ex-officio)