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Brian Olshansky, MD, FACC

Professional Bio:

Dr. Olshansky is a clinical cardiac electrophysiologist who is directed several academic electrophysiology training programs and is presently in clinical practice evaluating patients with rhythm disturbances and autonomic disorders, performing catheter ablations, implanting devices, performing interventional electrophysiological procedures and continuing clinical research in the field of cardiac electrophysiology. Dr. Olshansky has been involved with development of novel therapies for patients with cardiac arrhythmia disorders, has written several books and a multiplicity of manuscripts involving diverse topics in the field electrophysiology. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Iowa, an adjunct professor at Des Moines University, an electrophysiologist that Mercy Hospital-North Iowa and Mason City Iowa and electrophysiologist at Covenant Hospital in Waterloo Iowa. His training includes internship and residency at Bellevue/NYU hospitals, cardiology fellowship at the University of Iowa hospitals and clinics, and electrophysiology training at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is had academic appointments at Case Western University, Loyola University Medical Center, University of Iowa and has been Professor of Medicine at the University of Iowa until he retired from that institution and is presently a professor emeritus. He has an active clinical practice and continues to train fellows, residents, medical staff and students in areas of his interest which include atrial fibrillation, syncope, autonomic disorders, arrhythmias in the athlete, implantable cardioverter defibrillator therapy, cardiac resynchronization therapy, and pacemaker therapy. Recently, he has been involved with novel device implantation development, issues regarding the prevention of atherosclerosis, issues regarding athletics, autonomic dysfunction, sleep apnea issues, rate responsive pacing, atrial fibrillation management, anticoagulation and many others. He was chairman of the data safety monitoring board for the REDUCE-IT trial and is the co-coordinator of the GLORIA-AF trial. He has been involved with issues regarding the benefits and effects of placebo and the use of complementary and alternative medicine to treat patients. He is a hands-on patient oriented clinician was a practical sense for the development and direction of novel therapies and has been outspoken on therapeutic advances and issues in cardiovascular research.

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