Oct. 19 Deadline: THRIVE to Award Up to Six Grants For Cancer Research

THRIVE, which aims to help improve quality of life for cancer survivors through innovative research and community building, is accepting letters of intent for up to six grants to academic or clinical researchers. As a partner in the inaugural Biden Cancer Summit, a total of $225,000 will be awarded. Letters of intent are due by Oct. 19.

THRIVE's seed grants catalyze translational research on when and how treatment-related adverse effects occur and how to avoid or lessen them. In THRIVE's first year, grantees made progress in areas such as neuropathic pain associated with breast cancer therapy; adverse effects from immunotherapy; and cardiac dysfunction associated with chemotherapies used to treat childhood cancers. Detailed instructions, eligibility and focus are described at HESITHRIVE.org. For more information, contact research@hesithrive.org.