JACC: CardioOncology: Diagnosing QT Prolongation in Cancer Patients; Managing AFib Secondary to Ibrutinib; More

To provide helpful, practical and evidence-based knowledge to the clinical community, the latest issue of JACC: CardioOncology continues its popular "How to" series with articles on "How to Diagnose and Manage QT Prolongation in Cancer Patients" and "How to Manage Atrial Fibrillation Secondary to Ibrutinib." In the Editor's Page, Bonnie Ky, MD, MSCE, FACC, editor-in-chief, discusses "How to Become a Cardio-Oncology Investigator." Join Ky for a live webinar on April 20 at 10 a.m. ET when she will share strategies for developing a clinical research career, with examples of how to successfully ask and answer research questions in cardio-oncology. Register for the webinar and check out the entire issue.