CV Team Chapter Recruitment Challenge

for 2019 Chapter Challenge

As of November 1, 2019*, the top recruiting Chapters
(based on % increase) are:

  • 1st Place: Nebraska
  • 2nd Place: Hawaii
  • 3rd Place: Iowa

What: A CV Team Recruitment Chapter Challenge between July 1 and October 31, 2019.

Why: The CV Team Recruitment Chapter Challenge serves two important purposes: By increasing our non-physician clinician ranks with nurses, PAs, pharmacists, CV technologists and other CV Team professionals, the College is able to more effectively represent and advocate on behalf of all members of the cardiovascular care team.

It also reinforces the importance of ACC state Chapters as bastions of local networking and education. The combination of tools and resources available through Heart House and opportunities for local engagement and learning through state Chapters makes membership a much more appealing proposition.

How Will the Winning Chapter Be Determined? Aware of the demographic forces at play, the winning Chapter will be chosen based on the percentage growth in AACC and CV Team membership, although the Chapter that recruits the greatest number of new members will also receive special mention.

What's the Prize? The winning Chapter will receive a stipend to hold an event (breakfast or lunch) in the CV Team Lounge at ACC.20/WCC. The Chapter will also be recognized in the CV Team monthly newsletter, in social media, in the ACC Update newsletter, and during the Board of Governors meeting the Friday before ACC.20/WCC.

Past Chapter Challenge Winners

2017 Chapter Challenge Winners:

  • 1st Place: Michigan Chapter of ACC (68 new CV Team members)
  • 2nd Place: Rhode Island Chapter of ACC (33 new CV Team members)
  • 3rd Place: Florida Chapter of ACC (23 new CV Team members)

Recruitment Tools & Resources

Membership Links

*Date to be updated at the beginning of each month.