Day in the Life: Profiles of Cardiovascular Team Members

In this section, members of the Cardiovascular Team Section will be featured – at work and play!

Leo F. Buckley, PharmD

Leo F. Buckley, PharmD, of Virginia Commonwealth University, enjoying dinner at the 2014 Heart Failure Society of America meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

Brenda T. Neckels, RN, BSN

Brenda T. Neckels, RN, BSN, (standing in center) Divisional Director of the Center for Heart Disease in Odessa, TX, pictured with Kirit Patel, MD, FACC; Neil Patel; David Neckels; Akshar Patel; Bryce Mathews; and Kevin Myers, all climbing the Guadalupe Peak one Saturday morning. As health care professionals it's important that we incorporate heart health into our own lives and encourage those around us to be heart healthy. Guadalupe Peak is the tallest peak in Texas at 8749 ft. and is a 3000 ft. elevation gain over an 8.5 mile walk.