Heart Failure Heath Literacy Workshop

Jessica Patel, PharmD, a medical science liaison for Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and Jennifer Fox, CRNP, heart failure nurse practitioner for Lankenau Medical Center, recently joined together to host a Heart Failure Health Literacy Workshop for Main Line Health Nurses and Advanced Practitioners.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals is dedicated not only to the field of heart failure but also to health literacy. Patel's PowerPoint discussion on health literacy was greatly informative for all who personally encounter patient's every day. Health literacy often goes unrecognized and is a high cause for readmission and medication errors, as patients may not understand their diagnosis, medication or test instructions.

Patel discussed some innovative, yet humble, ways to recognize when patients have difficulty in understanding. She provided intuitive ways to help the patients have a better grasp of their health condition. The audience also participated in several interactive challenges throughout the presentation, which made it fun and creative.

Fox, on the other hand, gave an educational presentation on heart failure. She reviewed the pathophysiology of the different types of heart failure, current and new medications, current and upcoming treatments, and the most up-to-date diagnostic technology. Fox also discussed the importance of membership involvement in the ACC and other societies related to heart failure. Down the road, Patel and Fox have plans to continue to host more educational programs for Main Line Health Nurses and Advanced Practice Practitioners.