Recap of ACC’s Legislative Conference

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At this year's ACC Legislative Conference, the CV Team lobbied for important cardiovascular initiatives. Overall, the response from the House and Senate representatives were very positive and supportive of our concerns.

Coming together as a team of physicians and ACC CV Team members was impressive, as one representative noted that it was "rare in today's world."

Below are the key points discussed:


We want to move up the Cardiac Rehabilitation Act to 2020 rather than 2024, which allows NP/PA/CNS to order and monitor cardiac rehabilitation programs.

Impact: This will reduce delays in enrolling patients and improve compliance by showing proven benefits of cardiac rehabilitation programs. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce health care costs from subsequent acute coronary syndrome, heart failure and comorbidities that may result if not attending.

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We want to eliminate favored e-cigarette/vaping.

Impact: Reduce incentives to use harmful substances, especially in the younger population. This will reduce long term health care costs from subsequent illnesses such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and heart disease.

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We want to reduce prior authorization burden. Improve transparency in prior authorization requirements and ensure they are in alignment with patient needs based on current evidence-based cardiovascular guidelines and recommendations.

Impact: Reduce provider burden completing prior authorization request and reduce provider burnout resulting from a sense of inability to meet patient needs appropriately.

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We want support for value-based care rather than volume-based care. Modernize the Stark Laws that hamper the ability of providers to provide innovative and transitional care services while patients are in the hospital. This will help provider office health care team to initiate services and continuity of care, while patients are likely to be more compliant to make health care changes. The plan of care can be coordinated more smoothly after discharged from the hospital.

Impact: Reduce number of patients lost to follow up and ultimately reduce progression of cardiovascular related illnesses and readmission.

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Thank you to all who attended ACC's Legislative Conference and I hope that all of you can join your State Chapters in supporting these initiatives.

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This article was authored by Marci Farquhar-Snow, MN, CNS, ACNP-BC, AACC, chair of the CV Team State Liaisons.