Welcome to the first issue of the Early Career Newsletter, ACC On-Call!

Dear Early Career Members,

Welcome to the first issue of the Early Career Newsletter, ACC On-Call!

As you previously heard, the newsletter is one of the biggest changes this year. The new ACC On-Call is built with Early Careers in mind, featuring trending news from social media, insights from section members, and relevant articles, webinars and upcoming events for our members to get involved. Additionally, at the bottom of the newsletter you will find a set of standing links that will be useful for everyone within the Early Career section, including links to the International CV Exchange Database, the Research Collaboration Network, our Mentoring Program, previously archived e-newsletters and the Research Search Engine.

The June issue of the newsletter features an in-depth look at the legislation that repealed the flawed SGR formula. You'll also find an article examining the peri-operative risk of beta-blockers from three different perspectives. Our goal is to have this newsletter be your one stop for news from the ACC and the Early Career Section, and your vehicle for accessing online content within the ACC.

The EC Section represents you in your first seven years out of training and serves as your voice in the College. Through the section, we can ensure the ACC meets our needs, provides tools and education to improve and further our careers, and helps to develop us as professionals.

There is no time better than the present to get involved in the ACC. For more information, check out the Early Career Section page.


Anthony Hilliard, MD, FACC
Chair, Early Career Member Section