Early Career Preview of Legislative Conference

We look forward to having Early Career Professionals join us at ACC's 2015 Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. The Legislative Conference will provide you with a unique and exciting opportunity to meet directly with congressional leaders to share ways the cardiovascular community is providing quality, cost-effective, evidence-based care to millions of patients nationwide.

The conference will kick-off on Sunday, Oct. 18, with a special ACC Political Action Committee (ACCPAC)-sponsored reception and dinner featuring Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist, author, political commentator and physician Charles Krauthammer, MD. The dinner will provide Early Careers with a unique opportunity to hear directly from one of the country's foremost political experts on the current political climate and the outlook for the 2016 elections during a special Q&A session. In addition, Early Careers are invited to meet Dr. Krauthammer personally at a special VIP reception prior to dinner.

On Monday, attendees will have an opportunity to hear ACC President Kim Allan Williams, Sr., MD, FACC, and M. Eugene Sherman, MD, FACC, chair of the ACC Advocacy Steering Committee, give an update on 'hot' topics regarding maintenance of certification changes and alternative payment models. These issues are particularly relevant to early career cardiologists and it is critical for us to get involved early and help shape future payment models.

Attendees can also expect updates on important health policy issues such as Medicare reimbursement policy in various sessions throughout the conference. You will learn about ongoing grassroots advocacy efforts and opportunities in individual states as well as receive lectures from experts on how to become an effective grassroots leader.

On Tuesday, attendees will head to Capitol Hill for pre-arranged meetings with their congressional offices. This is a rare opportunity to meet face-to-face with over 300 lawmakers on Capitol Hill and to learn how to speak with members of Congress.

Early Career Professionals will have an opportunity to meet and have a roundtable discussion on critical issues facing health care and early career cardiologists with advocacy experts, Dr. Sherman and Rebecca Kelly, division vice president of Advocacy at the College, on Oct. 19 at 6:30 p.m. ET at the Fairmont Hotel. Even if you have never stepped foot on Capitol Hill, the ACC will train you, teach you, and make this experience as painless, fun and educational as possible.

Take this opportunity to learn and get involved now in issues that impact early career cardiovascular professionals and will arm you with information and tools necessary to effect change on both the state and national level.

Learn more about the conference on ACC.org. Registration for Early Career Professionals is discounted to $50. To register for the 2015 Legislative Conference, click here and enter code "EARLY." To register for the ACCPAC dinner, contact Kendra Adams at kadams@acc.org or 202-375-6440.

This article was authored by Jeffrey Anderson MD, FACC, and Dmitriy N. Feldman MD, FACC, chair and co-chair, respectively, of the Early Career Section Advocacy Workgroup.