Burgeoning Cardio-Oncology Programs: Challenges and Opportunities For Early Career Cardiologists/Faculty Directors

In a recent Fellows in Training & Early Career Page published Aug. 31 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Tochi M. Okwuosa, DO, FACC, and Ana Barac, MD, PhD, FACC, explore the new clinical discipline of cardio-oncology and opportunities to create a robust cardio-oncology care program. “The oncologist may hesitate to give life-saving, potentially cardiotoxic therapy for fear of an adverse cardiac outcome, and the cardiologist may have difficulty in understanding appropriate measures on the basis of a patient’s cancer-related comorbidities and prognosis. Consequently, the cardio-oncologist plays the pivotal role of intersecting the two specialties, seeking to establish a comprehensive plan to address the comorbidities, while achieving necessary life-saving therapies.” Read more.