What Does It Mean to be an FACC?

For me, receiving the Fellow of the ACC (FACC) designation was the most natural thing to do as soon as I graduated from my interventional cardiology training. In a sense, it was a validation of my years of training. It was also a recognition of my passion for cardiology and my interest in continued education and research. Additionally, the designation serves to officially signal to my patients that I am a flag bearer of an elite organization that promotes excellence and ensures the maintenance of the highest standards in my chosen field.

As an early career professional, there are innumerable benefits that are associated with being a fellow of the esteemed College. There is no other platform quite like the College to network with professionals – be it the authorities in the field who write the guidelines or those budding early career physician scientists. This provides an excellent opportunity to learn, share ideas and get inspired. Being a member of the College also allows you unlimited access to the latest guidelines in cardiovascular medicine and numerous opportunities for continued medical education. Ultimately, these will translate into providing better patient care, which is at the core of all our professional goals.

The College, through its Advocacy efforts upholds the best interests of patients, providers and practices alike. As an FACC there are numerous ways to get involved with advocacy to ensure that your voice is heard. Whether it is involving yourself at the grassroots or being a part of the ACC Political Action Committee (ACCPAC) or flying to Washington D.C. to participate in the College's annual Legislative Conference the opportunities are endless to fight for a cause that you believe in.

In order to apply, candidates must:

  • Have completed cardiovascular training (FITs may apply within six months of completing training)
  • Have a full-time academic and/or cardiovascular or cardiovascular-related position
  • Dedicate at least 75 percent of their professional time/activities to cardiology
  • Present two letters of sponsorship from current FACCs with the application

The application itself is easy to fill out and the staff at the ACC are very willing to help you with any questions you may have. You may apply at any time of the year but applications will be reviewed twice annually. Members who get selected will be conferred the title of FACC at the Convocation ceremony held every year at the end of ACC's Annual Scientific Session.

This article was authored by Aditya Bharadwaj, MD, FACC, early career chair of ACC's California Chapter, and assistant professor of cardiology and interventional cardiology at Loma Linda University, CA.