Highlights From JACC | Addressing Psychological Comorbidities in Cardiology Training

Incorporating a psychosocial perspective into cardiology practice may be necessary for physicians to recognize and understand mental health effects of illness in patients, according to a Fellows in Training/Early Career column published April 2 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Jonathan Ludmir, MD, et al., describe situations where critical illness can affect a patient’s mental health, and how addressing only physical ailments in the intensive care unit while neglecting psychological disease is delivering suboptimal care. The authors suggest integrating a psychiatrist or psychologist into the cardiovascular clinical team and creating a dually trained cardiologist-psychiatrist to address this issue.

In a response to the column, Melissa P. Bui, MD, comments that “perhaps it is the process by which even addressing mental health issues demonstrates to our patients that we see them not through a singular lens of our own construction, but rather through the holistic viewpoint through which they see themselves.” Read more.