Highlights From JACC | The Heart Team: A Powerful Paradigm For Future Training of CV Surgeons

Cardiology Magazine, Jan. 2017

A paradigm shift in cardiothoracic surgery training known as the “heart team” may have created an integrated educational approach between heart surgery and cardiology, according to a Fellows in Training/Early Career column published June 4 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Jason J. Han, MD, and Chase R. Brown, MD, describe how in this age of specialization — such as surgeons in cardiology — it is challenging to develop a broad knowledge base. However, they note that in addition to the educational benefits of a multidisciplinary “heart team” curriculum, surgeons also build deep, lasting professional and personal relationships with various attending physicians, fellows and other residents in the field, symbolizing a new culture.

In a response to the column, Michael J. Mack, MD, FACC, and David R. Holmes Jr. MD, MACC, comment that “from our own experience, we can attest not only to the benefits to patient care, but also to the institutional, cultural and collaborative experience generated by specialties working together.”