Get Involved With the Early Career Section

The transition from Fellow in Training to practicing physician is both exciting and stressful. The autonomy we wished for as trainees is suddenly right in front of us, along with the obligations for billing, establishing a referral network and perhaps getting to know a new health system.

The Early Career Section is comprised of cardiologists in the first seven years of clinical practice. Our peer group is distinguished from other members of the ACC by a unique set of concerns, challenges and definitions of success. The Section was established to advocate for our member section – within and outside of the ACC – in an effort to procure resources that ease transitions and prepare us to succeed in professional life.

This Section has a number of workgroups that reflect the interests and initiatives of our members. We have recently surveyed the educational needs of Early Career Section members and are making progress to identify existing content that addresses them – and creating new content where it is necessary. We have also made strides in engaging our international colleagues, lobbying for opportunities to participate on local and national committees, and re-designing a mentorship program based on feedback from our member group. Most recently, with growing awareness of the "Quadruple Aim," we have undertaken initiatives related to physician wellness and work-life balance.

Membership and engagement provides a dimension to your clinical duties, a community outside of your workplace, and facilitates professional successes and personal growth.

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This article was authored by Scott M. Lilly, MD, PhD, FACC, chair of the Early Career Section Leadership Council.