Building Bridges in Cardiology and Radiology

As health care moves away from volume-based imaging to integration and value-based imaging, a collaborative approach unbound by subspecialization from the Fellows in Training (FIT) and early career level may be transformative for the medical field, according to an FIT/Early Career column published November 12 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Purvi Parwani, MD; Juan C. Lopez-Mattei, MD, FACC; and Andrew D. Choi, MD, FACC, describe the challenges, opportunities and future directions for imaging collaboration across cardiology and radiology for residents, FITs and early career professionals. They note that the future of cardiovascular imaging is bright as cardiac imagers and academic and practice clinicians become stakeholders in building stronger bridges that will support making these modalities widely available for optimal patient care. In a response to the column, Christopher M. Kramer, MD, FACC, comments that "the future of cardiovascular care is an emphasis on value of care rather than volume, and it is in this light that collaboration and collegiality between cardiologists and radiologists is essential." Read more.