Take-Home Points From ACC.19

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ACC.19 wrapped up more than a month ago. Amidst the music and bustle of New Orleans, LA, generational landmark trials were reported, the Clinician Wellness Intensive session was launched and the place of wellness within ACC's Strategic Plan was established. It is indeed a dynamic cardiology landscape in 2019.

The ACC recently adopted the quadruple aim – adding member wellbeing to its strategic plan. This addition occurred as awareness regarding physician burnout and its consequences on patient care and health care systems have been increasingly apparent. With this awareness, a number of groups within the ACC have established wellness initiatives. Within the Early Career Section, Poonam Velagapudi, MD, MS, FACC, and Tamara Atkinson, MD, have embarked on a wellness toolkit for Early Career Professionals. More recently, they have teamed up with Akshay K. Khandelwal, MD, FACC, to collaborate with ACC Board of Governor efforts in this space, with the intent of providing a toolkit to chapter governors by years end. The Early Career Section is well-positioned to participate in these discussions, as issues salient to our member section can be unique. We are more uniformly concerned with work-life balance, finances and mentorship. As a group, we have done well ensuring these differences are acknowledged within the broader wellness discussion.

The Early Career Section Lounge at ACC.19 was home base for a number of attendees, and provided relevant educational programs for early career professionals. Joshua Schulman-Marcus, MD, FACC, took us through everything we needed to know about finances as young, newly-employed cardiologists. Devraj Sukul, MD, MSc, discussed ways to establish an academic career, while William A. Zoghbi, MD, MACC, and Anthony A. Hilliard, MD, FACC, discussed when to make transitions and how what seems daunting at times may provide incredible rewards. It is important to realize that much of this programming was framed around issues that directly affect the wellness of early career professionals. This programming was on purpose, and I would like to thank Michael Cullen, MD, FACC, and the Early Career Council for putting it all together.

ACC.19 was a success and the planning for ACC.20/WCC has commenced. The science delivered will undoubtedly improve the care of our patients, and the experiences within ACC Member Sections provide a community to exchange ideas, find mentors and share experiences. These experiences are a launch board for improving our own professional and personal lives as cardiologists.

This article was authored by Scott M. Lilly, MD, PhD, FACC, interventional cardiologist at the Ohio State University and chair of the Early Career Section Leadership Council.