Highlights From JACC | Viewpoint From JACC: Case Reports Editor-in-Chief: My Story, Your Voices

In a "Voice of Cardiology" viewpoint article in the inaugural issue of JACC: Case Reports, Editor-in-Chief Julia Grapsa, MD, PhD, FACC, writes about the importance of this journal as a way to embrace fellows-in-training and early career cardiologists, and to build bridges between junior and senior cardiologists through clinical cases. "We want to hear your story ... to emphasize the humanity of the patient and the doctor through art, poetry, and personal stories regarding intellectual awaking, spiritual growth, challenges, mentorship, and professional development," she writes. Graspa notes that this platform is an opportunity to share the human experience of being a cardiologist on a personal level, and to complement the great clinical science that will be reflected in excellent case reports. Read more.