JACC FIT/Early Page: Embarking on a Career in Cardio-Rheumatology

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Cardiology fellowship programs may need to expand their curriculum to include cardio-rheumatology didactics, clinical rotations and mentoring opportunities for fellows to explore their interests in this field, according to a Fellows in Training (FIT) and Early Career Page published March 23 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Bianca Yoo, MD, et al., explain that cardio-rheumatology is an emerging subspecialty for FITs and early career faculty that integrates the practice of preventive cardiology, risk assessment and treatment of symptomatic cardiovascular disease.

They note that providing patients with thoughtful, comprehensive care requires an expanded fund of knowledge specific to cardiovascular disease in chronic inflammatory diseases and close coordination of care with rheumatology colleagues.

In a response to the column, Ijeoma Isiadinso, MD, FACC, comments that she "anticipates that as clinicians' awareness of the increased cardiovascular risk in the chronic autoimmune disease population increases, there will be a greater interest among cardiology FITs and early career faculty to consider cardio-rheumatology as a career choice."

She adds, "It is our responsibility to ensure that there are mentors who can guide those who may be interested in this field as they navigate along this career path."