JACC FIT/Early Career Section: Global Health Imperative to Prioritizing CV Education

A recent Fellows in Training and Early Career Section article published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology discusses the disproportionate impact of cardiovascular disease and access to high-quality cardiovascular education in low-to-middle-income countries like Haiti. Despite its high cardiovascular disease mortality rate, Haiti has no cardiology fellowship programs and only 16 cardiologists to serve its population of 11 million. Norrisa Haynes, MD, et al., evaluate the health care education disparities in Haiti and highlight the role of education programs through international collaboration, including the International Cardiology Curriculum Accessible by Remote Distance Learning. Read more.

In response, Mark D. Huffman, MD, FACC, et al., explain, "Programs like this must be pedagogically robust by using adult learning theory-based approaches that emphasize learning competencies within the framework of existing Haitian undergraduate and graduate medical training programs, and local organizations …" They further explain that integration into longer-term goals, "helps to ensure emphasis and orientation to patient and community needs to achieve cardiovascular health, health care, and well-being for all."