Enroll in the CMP To Meet All Your Needs; Join an Informational Webinar on June 29

When it comes to meeting maintenance of certification (MOC) requirements, you have choices!  With the Collaborative Maintenance Pathway (CMP), there is no need to take a comprehensive exam covering the breadth of your field. Instead, you can stay 100% certified by focusing on 20% of the field each year. Over a span of five years, your entire knowledge base is refreshed. Delivered through ACC’s Self-Assessment Programs (SAPs) — ACCSAP, CathSAP, EP SAP, and HF SAP — the CMP offers the following benefits:

  • Focus on just 20% of the field each year — you never need to study everything at once
  • Access comprehensive educational material available in three popular formats — text, video and self-assessment questions — including yearly updates
  • Skip the testing center and participate from the comfort of your home or office 
  • Earn all the CME and MOC credits and points that you need with your SAP

Have questions about the CMP? Join our next informational webinar on Wednesday, June 29 at 8 p.m. ET, where ACC staff will provide an overview of the CMP and its key features. Enroll by July 1 to ensure that you have two chances to pass this year! Learn more.