ACC Launches LAAO Registry to Track Use, Results of New Stroke Prevention Technology in AFib Patients

The ACC has launched a new LAAO Registry to capture data on a new class of medical devices used in left atrial appendage occlusion procedures, which will help assess real-world procedural indications and outcomes as well as short- and long-term safety of procedures and devices for closing the left atrial appendage. The registry will serve not only as the formal U.S. Food and Drug Administration-mandated post-approval study for the WATCHMAN device, but it is also expected to serve as a long-term clinical registry for all patients undergoing occlusion of the left atrial appendage, regardless of the device used. Read more on Also check out a CardioSource WorldNews Interventions interview with Paul Varosy, MD, FACC, the lead physician for the data set development work group for the LAAO Registry.