New Arrhythmias and Clinical EP Post-ACC.17 Content

The editors have created additional arrhythmias and clinical electrophysiology (EP)-related content meant to reinforce the teaching points and education presented during ACC.17. Peter Brady, MBChB, FACC, reviews the EP content presented at ACC.17 in a video interview. Catch up on the latest trials, including RE-CIRCUIT, ARISTOTLE and more. View the featured arrhythmias and clinical EP learning pathway presentations available in iScience, the ACC.17 Meeting on Demand™ Program: Talking to the Athlete with a Heart Rhythm Problem by Rachel Lampert, MD, FACC and ECG Screening Should Be Routinely Performed in Athletes by Francesco Fadele. Stay tuned to the ACC.17 Meeting Coverage Page for additional arrhythmias and clinical EP post-ACC.17 content. Visit the Arrhythmias and Clinical EP Clinical Topic Collection on for the latest arrhythmias and clinical EP science and news.