New Arrhythmias and Clinical EP Post-ACC.17 Content

The editors have created additional arrhythmias and clinical electrophysiology (EP)-related content meant to reinforce the teaching points and education presented during ACC.17. View the featured arrhythmias and clinical EP learning pathway presentations available in iScience, the ACC.17 Meeting on Demand™ Program: Debate Pro: Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) is Essential For Embolic Stroke by Christopher Granger, MD, FACC; and Debate Con: AFib is a Marker of Stroke Risk by Nazem Akoum, MD, FACC; and Lifestyle Changes to Prevent AFib: From Drinks to Sleep by Javier Banchs, MD, FACC. The ACC.17 Meeting Coverage Page contains full coverage of arrhythmias and clinical EP post-ACC.17 content. Visit the Arrhythmias and Clinical EP Clinical Topic Collection on for the latest arrhythmias and clinical EP science and news.