JACC: Asia Expert Discussions; Calls For Papers Announced

Catch up on the informative JACC: Asia expert journal club series centering on key cardiovascular topics and recently published manuscripts. For each journal club, JACC: Asia editorial board members are joined by authors and experts from across Asia for discussions on key themes, including cryocatheter ablation as an effective method for the treatment of atrial fibrillation; shaping the future of the Asian cardiovascular community; the epidemiological features of CVD; and the latest in coronary physiology research. Watch these informative webinars on the JACC: Asia Videos page. Additionally, JACC: Asia is inviting submissions for special issues on Targeted Anti-Atherosclerosis Treatment and Racial Disparities in Cardiovascular Disease: Focusing on Asian Populations and Ethnic Differences. Submission deadlines are June 30 and Aug. 31, respectively. Learn more.