Can Aspirin Reduce Risk of Death in Patients With Diabetes, HF?

People who have both Type 2 diabetes and heart failure (HF) may have a lower risk of death or hospitalization for HF if they take an aspirin each day, according to research that will be presented at ACC.18 in Orlando. However, aspirin use in these patients could also increase the risk of a nonfatal heart attack or stroke. Charbel Abi Khalil, MD, PhD, FACC, et al., extracted health records of more than 12,000 patients ages 55 and older who had Type 2 diabetes and HF but no prior history of heart attack, stroke, peripheral artery disease or atrial fibrillation. Results showed that participants who took a daily aspirin had a 10 percent decrease in the primary outcome, no difference in major bleeding events, and a 50 percent increase in nonfatal heart attack or stroke. Read more.