Free Online Course: Improve Cardiac Amyloidosis Diagnostic Skills

Cardiac amyloidosis is a cardiomyopathy caused by the infiltration of protein amyloid in the myocardium and surrounding tissues and is often underdiagnosed. The ACC created the Raising Awareness and Understanding of Cardiac Amyloidosis online course to build awareness and competence in timely detection and diagnosis. Don't miss the Quick Tips videos and review Expert Analysis and Opinion – Understanding Cardiac Amyloidosis, where Frederick L. Ruberg, MD, FACC, and Mathew S. Maurer, MD, FACC, expand on the Nomenclature/Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Symptom Management, and Amyloid-specific Therapy of Cardiac Amyloidosis. Stay up to date on new guidelines and learn at your own pace. Learn more.