Listen to All 6 Episodes of CardiaCast's “PulseCheck” Series on Heart Failure

"PulseCheck" is a series within the CardiaCast podcast that is designed for nurses or allied health care professionals who are new, or new to cardiology, offering practical team-based solutions to the challenges that nurses and allied health professionals face every day. In a recent multi-part series, host Andrea Price, MS, AACC, is joined by various guests as they explore best practices related heart failure. Access all the episodes below and subscribe to the CardiaCast podcast.

Episode 1: Introduction to Heart Failure

Episode 2: Four Pharmacological Pillars of Heart Failure

Episode 3: Invasive Treatment Options For Heart Failure

Episode 4: Additional Heart Failure Medical Therapies

Episode 5: How Team-Based Care is Used in Heart Failure Management

Episode 6: Advanced Heart Failure