ACC Holds AUC Summit

The ACC held an appropriate use criteria (AUC) summit on Aug. 9 at Heart House in Washington, DC. The summit provided an overview of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' forthcoming AUC program, with discussion among participants about where the program is headed and how the AUC community, including the ACC, can help. Experts discussed ways to collaborate around AUC development, implementation strategies and how to optimize electronic health records and clinical decision support mechanisms, in addition to addressing confusion around contradicting AUC recommendations. In his closing remarks, summit moderator Stephen F. Jencks, MD, MPH, said, "My takeaways from this summit can be broken down into three primary messages. Firstly, it's not easy for groups to rank their priorities for AUC implementation – all of their priorities are high. Secondly, most of the issues raised today could be categorized as either research or nomenclatural issues, and thirdly, different groups have differing priorities regarding the implementation of this program, and they have considerable financial stake in those priorities. These groups must work out their priorities and issues internally before moving forward." Read more on Find more information on the AUC program and ACC's AUC Task Force here.