ACC, ACNM, ASNC, CAA, SNMMI Respond Strongly to Myocardial PET Cuts; Need Your Input

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Alarming proposals updating payment inputs for myocardial PET that could lead to technical component payment reductions as high as 80 percent for some services, were included in the proposed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for 2020.

These revisions result from updates to the CPT® codes used to report these services and review of the direct practice expense inputs that inform the calculation for the technical component payment.

One driver of the cuts is a decision by CMS to assume a 90 percent utilization rate for PET cameras, an assumption that needs to be reconsidered. Pricing information for other equipment may also need to be further refined.

The ACC, the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, American College of Nuclear Medicine, the Cardiology Advocacy Alliance and the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging are actively working together on your behalf to address this significant issue. Read more.