Research, Clinical Trials and Publishing Series

Made possible by the Wael Al Mahmeed Dedication to Young Leaders, the Research, Clinical Trials and Publishing Series will cover the necessary basics to building a solid foundation for a career in clinical research. Whether you are just starting your research career or want to pursue that path and are unsure how, this series is for you!

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LIVE Panel Discussion: Research, Clinical Trials and Publishing—A Global Venture
July 29th | 7:30 a.m. ET


Poonam Velagapudi, MD, MS, FACC

Poonam Velagapudi
Chief, Early Career Professional Council

Kian Keong Poh

Kian Keong Poh
Chair, ACC Assembly of International Governors
Section Editor, JACC: Asia

Jian'an Wang

Jian'an Wang
Inaugural Editor, JACC: Asia

Jagat Narula

Jagat Narula
Past Editor-in-Chief, JACC: CV Imaging and WHF: Global Heart

Julie Grapsa

Julia Grapsa
United Kingdom
Editor-in-Chief, JACC: Case Reports

Marc Pfeffer

Marc Pfeffer
ACC.21 LBCT Author: Paradise-MI


Kickstarting your Research Career
Available on July 8th

Kickstarting your Research Career

Moderated by ACC's Early Career Council, receive guidance on establishing yourself as an independent researcher, how to seek various roles in clinical investigation and more.

Power of Sample Size Building Power of Data
Available on July 15th

David de Pádua Brasil

Explore the fundamental methodological concepts in clinical research with Dr. David de Pádua Brasil as he analyzes typical examples in peer reviewed publications.

Must Know Tips for Publishing in JACC
Available on July 22nd

David J. Moilierno, MD

Get insider tips on how to get published in the JACC family of journals from JACC: CV Interventions Editor-in-Chief David J. Moliterno, MD.

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