The American College of Cardiology is committed to enhancing cardiovascular health around the world through the collaboration and exchange of knowledge and resources.

To that end, the ACC has made available its suite of quality improvement programs and tools to institutions outside the United States.

Our offerings include:

  • Clinical Data Registries (NCDR)
    • List of registries
  • Accreditations
    • List of accreditations
    • Requirements of each accreditation
  • International Membership/Education Resources for Institutions (Cardiosource Plus)
    • Membership package elements
  • ACC International Centers of Excellence
    • Requirements
    • Testimonials

Congratulations to our current ICOE institutions:

  • Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein – Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Hospital Samaritano Paulista - Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Mouwasat Hospital – Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  • King Abdul Aziz Medical City – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Instituto Modelo Privado de Cardiología - Córdoba, Argentina

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