ACC Launches Prior Authorization Reporting Tool

The ACC Prior Authorization Reporting (PAR) Tool is now available to collect members' data on inappropriate cardiovascular testing and procedure request denials by insurers and prior authorization vendors. The tool is open to all members and their respective staff. The PAR Tool will primarily serve as a process for the ACC to monitor and identify inconsistent denials by region, payer, prior authorization vendor and modality. Additionally, there will be a focus on "test substitution," denying an appropriate test request to require another appropriate test. The PAR Tool will provide an opportunity for the ACC to directly see the prior authorization hassle and burdens experienced by cardiologists across the country. With this data, your ACC aims to influence payers and national and state policymakers to improve the prior authorization process, criteria and member experience and delaying in patient care. The tool's success is contingent on high member engagement and participation, so members are encouraged to spread the word with local Chapters, fellow members and CV teams.