Webinar: Becoming a Vascular Medicine Expert (Rescheduled)

The PVD Section has partnered with the Society for Vascular Medicine to host a monthly webinar series focusing on vascular hot topics. Please note the February webinar on vascular medicine training has been rescheduled for May 19.

Vascular medicine specialists are well-poised to help ease the growing burden of vascular disease and navigate the complexities of its management. A specific focus on vascular issues avails such providers a unique perspective in providing care and facilitates collaborative care. There are several potential mechanisms available to obtain the essential training in vascular medicine. However, there are obstacles to having more widespread availability of dedicated training programs – critical are those related to funding issues. Further coordinated efforts need to be made to overcome the barriers restricting expansion of training programs in vascular medicine. Fortunately, even at this time, there are credentialing mechanisms to demonstrate expertise in the discipline of vascular medicine. Register here!