Prevention and Active Living

As we battle the obesity epidemic it has been increasingly important to not only advise heart healthy eating habits, but to emphasize the necessity for regular aerobic activity, writes Deirdre J. Mattina, MD, of Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI, and member of the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Section Leadership Council, in an ACC in Touch Blog. She suggests that weight loss or weight maintenance plans should be tailored to the patient's 1) current activity level and comorbid conditions and 2) economic and social environment. "Some patients do not have access to open spaces or recreation areas. Others may have the financial resources to hire a personal trainer or a lifestyle coach," she notes.  For working patients or those with family obligations, Mattina recommends home exercise DVDs, which are available for most forms of exercise. For the technologically savvy, she advises mobile apps like, Lose It!, Map My Walk or 7 Minute Workout. "There is no easy solution to encouraging effective lifestyle modifications. We should do our best to be supportive of patient efforts and always acknowledge the positive behavior even if all goals have not been met," she says. Read more.