New ACC 'TRANSFORM CVRiD' Looks to Reduce CV Risk in Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Creating individualized management and prevention strategies for people with Type 2 diabetes has become increasingly complex, especially when physicians have to navigate new clinical guidelines, pathways and novel therapy choices. To address this, ACC's new TRANSFORM CVRiD initiative will use real-world data from the ACC/Veradigm PINNACLE Registry and Diabetes Collaborative Registry to identify patterns that lead to optimal care and develop tools and education to support clinicians whose patients match those criteria. "Patients with diabetes face a very high risk of developing cardiovascular disease and require individualized care involving multiple specialties and therapies to ensure they are receiving the best possible care," ACC President Athena Poppas, MD, FACC, said. "This initiative will be critical to achieving a progressive path forward in the management of cardiovascular risk in Type 2 diabetes." The two-year quality improvement initiative is in partnership with Novo Nordisk Inc. Read more.