Feature | Like Mother, Like Daughters

According to an ACC survey, only 10 percent of practicing cardiologists are women. Female cardiologists are rare indeed, but Veena Gupta, MBBS, FACC, our mother, has done her best to increase the numbers. Both of us are board certified cardiologists and Fellows of the ACC (FACC). 

Gupta built a successful career taking care of underserved patients as one of the first female cardiologists in Bronx, NY. Her passion sparked the inspiration for both of us to follow in her footsteps as cardiologists. Our unique combination may be the only set of mother-daughter cardiologists in the country and possibly the world.

Upon reflection, she says that she” feels so fortunate to have a wonderful family and career. I am so proud and grateful to have two intelligent and confident daughters. It has been my greatest joy to watch them grow and have their own families and successful careers.”

Our mother is our greatest inspiration. She always worked hard and never complained about balancing work and family life. We can’t imagine doing anything else I (Dr. Nadiminti) completed my fellowship at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. Not only have I built a successful career as a private practice cardiologist in New Jersey, but I am also the proud mother of three children of my own.  

The story also comes full circle as I (Dr. Bobra) have joined my mother in her practice after completing training at Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. To work with my mom has been a dream. She is not only my role-model for day-to-day success but also my mentor for my career. Another parallel is that I also have three children just like my sister.  

As a successful cardiologist, mother, and grandmother, it is clear that our mother is happy. “I am thrilled every day to be able to take care of patients, and spend time with my daughters and grandchildren.”

This article was authored by Shalini Bobra, MD, FACC, and Sheila Gupta Nadiminti, MD, FACC, cardiologists at Concourse Cardiology Associates in Bronx, NY and members of ACC’s Women in Cardiology (WIC) Section.