Career Development | October Career Development Tips From the WIC Section

Tips For Getting Promoted in an Academic Center

  • Network — part of any academic promotion system depends on our regional and national reputation, which can be challenging to develop when just starting out in an academic career. Meeting with people at national meetings (such as ACC’s Annual Scientific Session) can open doors that may be beneficial throughout your career, irrespective of the promotion process. Take advantage of early career opportunities at regional and national conferences, which are a great way to interact with more senior colleagues. — Sharon L. Roble MD, FACC,, an assistant professor of clinical medicine at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.
  • Have a developed external network of fellow academics who would be able to comment on your particular work area (e.g., research, clinical expertise or educational activities). — Anne L. Taylor, MD, FACC, the John Lindenbaum Professor of Medicine/Cardiology at Columbia University Medical Center, senior vice president for Faculty Affairs and Career Development, and vice dean for Academic Affairs at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, in New York, NY.

Tips For Success in a Private Practice

  • Build a team consisting of: an accountant to make sure you are incorporated, have appropriate retirement accounts, file taxes and get depreciation for equipment; a lawyer to review contracts; a human resources expert to set up policies and procedure for staff, create clear job descriptions, and have protections in place; IT to manage your electronic health record as well as ensure cyber safety; and an insurance agent to keep protections for the practice in place. Many of these people work as consultants, but identifying the right people helps you get through your daily issues of running a practice. Also be sure to keep up with regulations. Have a practice manual with clear explanation of the practice values, mission, benefits and expectations. — Toniya Singh, MD, FACC, a cardiologist at Partner St Louis Heart and Vascular in St. Louis, MO.