Identifying Worldwide Barriers For Women in Interventional Cardiology

Identifying barriers and providing potential solutions to empower more women to join interventional cardiology may be crucial in addressing the significant gender disparity within the specialty, according to an article published Nov. 19 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Sonya Burgess, MBChB, et al., conducted a study on the gender disparity in Australia and New Zealand and found that out of 121,211 practicing medical practitioners, only 4.8 percent of women were interventional cardiologists. The authors note that the underrepresentation of women within interventional cardiology in Australia and New Zealand is comparable to that seen in the U.S., at 4.5 percent. "Cardiology societies in Australia, New Zealand and across the world should lead change and promote the presence of women within their specialty," the authors write. Read more on