Three Career Tips From Reyhaneh M. Akhavein, MD

CAREER DEVELOPMENT | Reyhaneh M. Akhavein, MD, shares a trio of cardiology career tips.


Identify a network of local and national mentors whose careers, lives and achievements have inspired you. Remain in touch with them. Mosaic mentorship – where one mentor is important in one aspect of your professional life and the other mentor helps you to shape your career – provides valuable life and career advancement. In return, try to mentor cardiology fellows and your junior faculty and open the doors to a successful career for them.


Believe in yourself. Be passionate and aspirational. There are competing priorities in our lives and careers that we need to constantly re-arrange the order of priorities to meet our family and career goals.


Set aside personal time every day (ideally) to do what makes you smile and helps you live a more fulfilling life.

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This article was authored by Reyhaneh M. Akhavein, MD, assistant professor at the Knight Cardiovascular Institute at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, OR.