Poem | Metaphors For a Woman

A Woman

For those women who have endured life and wear a fa├žade of stoicism and silence.
A woman is an iceberg.
A depth you cannot fathom.
Don't underestimate her.
Regard her with warmth, she'll melt.

For those women who have reached the pinnacle of their careers and stand tall.
A woman is the Mount Everest.
A zenith you cannot see.
Don't undermine her.
Respect and stand for her, she'll yield.

For those women filled with unselfish love trying to juggle and balance life.
A woman is an endless ocean.
A restless, yet a calm one.
Don't misjudge her.
Appreciate her, she'll take you along.

For those women who have struggled without support and whose tears have dried off.
A woman is a desert.
Soft sand in a tough terrain.
Don't walk all over her.
Love her, you'll find oasis.

For those women who are scientists, leaders, physicians, writers and much more.
A woman is a giant galaxy.
A mysterious one.
Don't trivialize her knowledge.
Study her, you will be enlightened.

Not a Woman

This is from a woman who can fight, but decides otherwise to maintain a bond.
A woman is not a weak link.
She knows her priorities.
She chooses her battles.
She gives in and resigns for peace.

This is from a woman who is gifted with true affection and realistic optimism.
A woman is not an emotional wreck.
She balances heart and mind.
She keeps life grounded.
She ties the loop of relationships.

This is from a woman who lays low waiting for the right time to lift off.
A woman is not a subordinate.
She plans life's phases.
She rises when the time is right.
She shines with dignity and poise.

This is from a woman who was called names for expressing.
A woman is not hysterical.
She is clearly ill-labeled.
She cringes at this blasphemy.
She frowns at this audacity.

This is from all the women standing together with one voice!
A woman is not a commodity.
She doesn't need to be approved.
She doesn't belong to anyone.
She owns herself. She is an enigma.

Happy International Women's Day!
March 8, 2020
With much love and admiration.

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This poem was authored by Kamala P. Tamirisa, MD, FACC, cardiologist at Northwest Ohio Cardiology Consultants in Toledo, OH.

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