Cardiovascular Care of Women: Understanding the Disparities

Cardiology Magazine recently interviewed C. Noel Bairey Merz, MD, FACC, a leading expert in women's heart health, about how women are undertreated compared with men in many areas of cardiovascular care and how this disparity can be addressed by the cardiovascular community. Read it here. The article features a "Heart of Women's Health" infographic from ACC's Clinical Spotlight Series, which raises awareness of the disparities in the delivery of care and cardiovascular outcomes for women. The Spotlight Series also offers The Heart of Women's Health: Disproportionate Gaps in Care self-paced learning curriculum to walk learners through the disproportionate undertreatment of women with cardiovascular disease and elucidate important physiological differences that affect the efficacy of particular therapies. For more information on this topic, save the date for a webinar on Sept. 26 to explore how cardiovascular disease presents differently in women and how to tailor treatment strategies based on physiological differences to optimize patient outcomes. Learn more.