WIC Career Tips: A Focus on Wellness

Kamala Tamirisa, MD, FACC

Be kind to self

You might plan a "perfect" journey of life, but the future will be sure to throw some curveballs. Let faith guide you through challenges. Create priorities that are important to you in various stages of life. Know that you cannot "do it all" at the same time and be perfect at everything. If it means that certain goals have to wait for a few years, so be it. Make space for imperfections and embrace humility. Don't forget downtime to unplug, enjoy hobbies and give back.

Collaborate and lift

As women in cardiology (WIC), we can achieve remarkable things through teamwork and collective success. If you do not have time for a project or a paper, instead of saying "no," pass the opportunity to a colleague. Look out and speak up for others around you – always. Celebrate others' successes wholeheartedly as you never know how many obstacles they faced along the path or how many doors were closed on them. Surround yourself with optimism and stay away from naysayers. Make time for true friendships.

Pick your battles

You don't always have control on the environment surrounding you. Don't let every difficult or annoying situation stop you – push through and seek guidance from your family, friends and mentors. Don't let barriers derail your growth or lead to burnout. Know and practice microintervention strategies – they'll come in handy when you need them. Obviously, if hurtful comments are repetitive or stem from malice, take necessary action and keep safety in mind.

Know what you want

Write down what you want in three columns – must haves, good to have and willing to give up. As you interview for a job or a position, communicate openly. Be your own advocate. Be confident and comfortable in your decision even if it means that you walk away. Take time to understand the practical aspects of economics and legalities of medicine – whether you take a course or include experts in these areas in your circle.

You are unique

Do yourself a favor – believe in your uniqueness and stick to your goals. Comparing yourself to others is a distraction and diverts you away from your destination. Charter your own path. Remember we all grow at different rates and in our own wonderful ways. Don't let comparison steal the joy of life. Reflect on your present blessings. Remind yourself that you are one of the luckiest – a WIC!



Kamala Tamirisa, MD, FACC

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