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ACC has developed materials to help you and your practice improve performance on select heart failure (HF) performance measures and engage patients in their HF management. And they're FREE!

These practical and pilot tested tools can help you immediately improve quality care and outcomes for your patients. Use them as reference guides or at the point of care.

Click the links below for more information about the 2013 Guideline for the Management of Heart Failure and the 2017 Focused Update:

2013 Full Guideline

2017 Focused Update

Improve Your HF Performance

Brush-up on HF Guidelines

Review care recommendations from the most recent guidelines on heart failure care.

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Know What to Report

See summaries of what to report in order to satisfy HF performance measures.

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Prescribe Appropriate Therapy

Use this recommended dosing guide when prescribing medications for your patients.

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Provide Quality Education

Use these talking points to help patients understand and discuss their condition.

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Visit H2H: Hospital to Home

Identify and implement strategies to help your facility reduce HF readmissions.

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Measure Your Performance

Assess Your Performance

Track your performance rates on select HF measures by completing this form.

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Join an NCDR Registry

Inpatient and outpatient data registries are available to track your clinical performance.

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Provide Patient Self-Management Aids and Education

Self-Management Strategies

Give patients this guide book to help them set and track their HF management goals.

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CardioSmart HF Resources

Point patients to additional resources by visiting CardioSmart's HF Condition Center.

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Additional Information

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