The Emerging Strategies for Heart Failure Roundtables are designed to engage a wide group of experts and relevant stakeholders to examine the practical barriers and gaps in care and/or knowledge. The Roundtables allow for a deep-dive into the practical issues facing clinicians in every day practice. 

Watch these videos from the first Emerging Strategies for Heart Failure Roundtable that took place at the Heart House, on July 19, 2016. The videos, covering the three main sessions, address the still unanswered questions about heart failure and chart a new path forward.

  • Session I:  Accountability in Heart Failure: The Challenges and Complementary Nature of Adherence, Measurement and Evolving Science
  • Session II: New Medications, New Choices – Which Guideline Directed Medical Therapy Should Be Used For Optimal Medical Therapy?
  • Session III: Prevention of AHA Stage C Heart Failure

The goal of the first Roundtable was to draw on the collective experience and wisdom of participants to identify issues and inform the development of ACC’s practical guidance for clinicians in areas where evidence may be limited, new and evolving, or lack sufficient data to fully inform clinical decision making. The interactive discussion will be used to establish next steps around the development of clinical tools and patient resources as the ACC works towards a focused set of actionable solutions and resources to improve care and maximize the impact of new technologies in heart failure management. Click here for more information about the topics being discussed during the Roundtable.

The Succeed in Managing Heart Failure Initiative and the Emerging Strategies for Heart Failure Roundtable are supported by Novartis.