Auto-Renewal FAQs

Dues Auto-Renewal
The ACC offers its members the option of having their membership dues automatically renewed every year. You save time and gain peace of mind knowing you have guaranteed continued access to your member benefits. You also help the ACC cut down on paper waste!

How Does It Work?
You can enroll in the membership dues auto-renewal program when renewing your dues. Just check the corresponding box to select the option to allow the ACC to automatically charge your membership dues to the credit card of your choice on an annual basis. ACC will email you 30 days before charging your card each year to remind you of the charge for membership dues.

What, Exactly, Will I Be Paying For?
Every year, we will charge your card for the selections you made at the time you enrolled in membership auto-renewal unless you choose to opt out of the program. These include required annual dues payments, plus any Member Sections, Chapters and/or JACC print subscription that you selected.

For example, if you paid your annual dues as well as payment for participation in the Interventional Section and a print subscription to JACC, these are the same items you would be charged for the following year. Note that if Chapter membership is mandatory for your membership category and state, Chapter dues will be charged even if you did not select them.

Please note that auto-renewal does not apply to contributions to the ACC PAC or the Foundation; you must affirmatively select these contributions on an annual basis.

Can I Change My Options?
Yes! You can edit the items that will be charged to your card – and the credit card itself – at any time by contacting ACC Member Care at or by calling 1-202-375-6000 to have an ACC staff member update your preferences.

How Do I Opt Out of Auto-Renewal?
You can opt out of the auto-renewal program at any time by contacting ACC Member Care at or by calling 1-202-375-6000.