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Journal Club Discussions

Our expert faculty will discuss a relatively new, significant article in the literature. Their discussion will be recorded and made available on this area of Access the Past Collection to read previous journal articles, videos, MP3 files, and discussions by clicking here >>>


The continual stream of published science coupled with emphasis on practice improvement requirements has created a need for consensus building conversations that can guide practical practice change delivered at the point-of-care. However, finding the time to critically appraise the evidence or consider the practice implications has led the ACC to seek solutions not only for their members but all cardiovascular providers.

With ACC’s new educational program, ACC Journal Club, you have the opportunity to join our expert faculty and participate in live discussions that focus on implications, controversies and strategies for implementation of new science into practice!


The aims of the ACC Journal Club Education Program are to:

  1. Provide a structured, personalized journal club program.
  2. Cultivate opportunities that offer:
    1. Utilization of critical appraisal skills.
    2. Contextualize research for individual applicability.
    3. Critique and conscience building for clinical relevance.
    4. Future directions of cardiovascular research.
  3. Increase member-value by utilizing eLearning technology both synchronously and asynchronously that connects providers to thought leaders cultivating a community of learning at no additional cost.