Optimizing Medical Therapy for Chronic Heart Failure

A Comprehensive Curriculum Offering Evidence-Based Strategies to Treat and Manage Heart Failure

"The stakes for guideline-driven care could not be higher." Akshay S. Desai, MD, MPH, FACC

Because chronic heart failure (HF) requires a complex web of care, clinicians need streamlined strategies that empower them to leverage guideline-driven recommendations that don’t require a cascade of system changes. The RightSTEPS: Optimizing Medical Therapy for Chronic Heart Failure curriculum aims to give clinicians the knowledge and skills to prescribe to the right patient, the right drugs, at the right dose, and at the right time.  By adopting strategies and translating them into practice, providers can impact quality of life, hospital required care/readmission and even the morbidity and mortality of those under their care.

Online, Self-Paced Learning Activities

Discover how new optimal medical therapy (OMT) guidelines are changing best practices in this comprehensive contemporary review of chronic HF. Case studies are included to illustrate gender and racial/ethnic challenges you face every day. Do you follow the latest clinical thinking with all your patients?

Live On-Site Meetings

Ask clinicians how they learn best and chances are they'll tell you they consult colleagues. Don't miss this chance to do just that in this two-hour interactive live session that aims to reduce clinician performance variation in prescribing OMT for chronic HF patients.

Online Reinforcement

Reinforce your education with an online capture of one of our meetings as well as a provocative point-counterpoint on key chronic HF issues. A supplemental after-education individual coaching program is available and qualifies for CMS’s Quality Payment Program Improvement Activity under MIPS.

View online videos to review foundational precepts. Attend a live meeting to sharpen your skills. Engage in after-education quality improvement coaching to reinforce what you have learned.

With new medications, guideline-driven recommendations, and a growing population of heart failure patients, the need for clinicians to stay ahead of the curve is vital.  RightSTEPS: Optimizing Medical Therapy for Chronic Heart Failure will offer you the education and clinical strategies you need to transform chronic heart failure care.