ACC Florida Chapter Calls For Committee To Aid Veterans

Grave concerns regarding veterans' access to care emerged recently after inexcusable wait times for care were recently brought to light. In response, Congress overwhelmingly passed the "Veteran's Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014" and the president signed the bill into law on Aug. 7. This legislation funnels $17 billion to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) – the largest integrated health care system in the country – to reform the way health care is delivered to veterans. In addition to increasing the oversight of VA facilities, the funding will help veterans access to health care outside of the VA system. ACC's Florida Chapter has already started taking action. A resolution proposed by the chapter calling for the Florida Medical Association (FMA) to immediately establish an ad hoc committee to address the VA crisis has been adopted by the FMA's House of Delegates. "From coast to coast, we fight every day to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality care possible," said BOG Chair Michael Mansour, MD, FACC, on the ACC in Touch Blog. "Now, we have will have even greater opportunities to serve veterans in more settings."

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